Professional Learning Resources

Self-regulated learning

The professional learning resources on self-regulated learning (SRL) include two Modules that describe the SRL theory and its application in the classroom and several video-based activities for teachers. SRL is a conceptual framework that investigates how learners monitor and manage their motivation, cognition, and behaviour during the process of learning.

Although there are a number of different theoretical accounts of SRL they all agree that learning can be improved and that it is more effective when students employ appropriate strategies to regulate their learning processes and outcomes. The first Module presents and easy to understand description of the basic principles of SRL, focusing on the capabilities that characterise self-regulated learners. The second Module describes a framework for the application of SRL in the classroom.

The resources include questions that test the understanding of the information included in the Modules. Additional activities enable teachers to use the SRL framework to analyse filmed lessons and code transcripts from these lessons to enhance their professional vision and develop their expertise.

SRL Professional Development Workshop power point

We have designed and evaluated a PD Workshop that describes the capabilities of a self-regulated learner and explains how teachers can promote SRL in the classroom.

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