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Teaching How to Learn - Professor Stella Vosniadou

Professor Stella Vosniadou

Stella Vosniadou is Professor of Education at the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Flinders University. She is the Principal Investigator for the Teaching How to Learn project and responsible for the design and execution of the research, data analysis, write up and dissemination of results. Her research, for which she has received the 2011 Distinguished International Contributions to Child Development Award by the Society for Research in Child Development, investigates the conceptual changes that students undergo when they learn counter-intuitive concepts in science and mathematics and the learning environments and teacher practices that promote student learning and cognitive engagement.

Stella’s collaborative work has received more than 15 million in research funding from agencies ranging from the US National Science Foundation, the European Commission, and the Australian Research Council, and has produced over 150 publications, including a number of authored and edited books with more than 20,000 citations. She is a Fellow, amongst others, of the International Academy of Education, the Academia Europaea, the American Educational Research Association, and the Cognitive Science Society.

Teaching How to Learn - Professor Michael J. Lawson

Professor Michael J. Lawson

Mike Lawson is Emeritus Professor in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work and a Chief Investigator in the Teaching How to Learn project. He is involved in all aspects of the research with emphasis on the development of the Professional Development programs with pre-service and in-service teachers.

Mike’s research has focused on the use of strategies for learning in classroom and study situations. In recent years this research has been concerned with applications in mathematical problem solving, vocabulary acquisition in language learning and the facilitation by teachers of students’ use of learning strategies. His current research is focused on the development of teacher and student knowledge and use of strategies for the self-regulation of learning in STEM subjects.

Teaching How to Learn - Dr Helen Stephenson

Dr Helen Stephenson

Helen Stephenson (PhD, MEd (Leadership & Management), BTeach (Primary)) is a Research Officer in the Teaching How to Learn research project, at the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University. As a Research Officer she facilitates the professional learning/development programs with pre-service and in-service teachers in Adelade, including data collection, analysis, and disseminating findings. Her research interests include work-integrated learning, professional experiences, and student experience.

Helen is qualified in creating, teaching, and evaluating online, blended, and face-to-face professional development activities for tertiary staff and students, receiving a South Australian iAward (Education category) in 2012. With experience leading institutional and national teaching awards and grants nominations, and teaching and learning communities of practice, she is currently teaching within the educational psychology topic offerings for masters’ students.

Teaching How to Learn - Ms Erin Bodner

Ms Erin Bodner

Erin Bodner (BA (Hons), BEd, MA) is a Research Assistant in the Teaching How to Learn project, at the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University. She helps the research team with the filming and transcribing of the participating teachers’ lessons, assists at professional development sessions, and contributes to the professional learning materials and academic articles. She is most closely involved in coding teachers’ lessons using the Self-Regulated Learning Teacher Promotion Framework (SRL TPF), drawing on her years of experience in the classroom as well as the theoretical perspective she helped to refine.

Erin was educated in Canada and was a primary school teacher in Alberta for over 10 years. During that time, she was highly involved in the Campus Calgary Open Minds program, an innovative approach to education that provides students the opportunity to spend a week learning at various sites in the community, strengthening their observation, critical thinking, and reflection skills. She relocated to Australia after completing an International Exchange teaching year in Adelaide in 2017. She works as a liaison to support and assess pre-service teachers during their professional experience placements.

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