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Teaching How to Learn - Michelene T.H. Chi

Michelene T.H. Chi

Michelene T.H. Chi is Regents Professor, Dorothy Bray Endowed Professor of Science and Teaching at ASU.

Professor Chi is the director of the Learning and Cognition Lab at ASU, and a partner investigator in the Teaching How to Learn’ project. A leading cognitive and learning science researcher, she has developed the framework for active learning called ICAP that we are using as the basis for our Professional Learning resources and workshops. ICAP differentiates students’ overt engagement activities into four kinds: Interactive, Constructive, Active, and Passive. According to this framework, as students’ engagement with learning materials moves from passive to active to constructive to interactive, their learning will also increase. She is the author of some of the most highly cited papers in the area of Learning and Instruction, her total Google Scholar citations exceeding 52,000.

Chi is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Education in the US. She has received numerous major awards for her significant theoretical contributions to the study of learning and human cognition, such as the 2019 David E. Rumelhart Prize from the Cognitive Science Society, the 2013 Sylvia Scribner Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the  2015 E. L. Thorndike Award from the American Psychological Association.