Professional Learning Resources

Promotion of student
cognitive engagement

The professional learning resources on the promotion of student cognitive engagement are based on the ICAP (Interactive, Constructive, Active, Passive) Theoretical framework, developed by Chi & Wiley, 2014. The include two Modules that describe the theory and its application in the classroom and several video-based activities for teachers. The first Module presents a simple, easy to understand description of the ICAP theory.

It is accompanied by a read power point presentation that further elaborates the ICAP theory and explain how it is connected to brain processes taking place during learning. The second Module presents a framework for applying the ICAP theory to real classroom teaching. It is accompanied by two videos — one of a mathematics lesson and one of a biology lesson — and describes an ICAP coding system that can be used on transcripts of these lessons to evaluate the effects of instruction on student cognitive engagement.

Chi, M.T.H., & Wiley, R. (2014). The ICAP framework: Linking cognitive engagement to active learning outcomes. Educational Psychologist, 49(4), 219-243. Doi:10.1080/00461520.2014.965823.

ICAP Professional Development Workshop Power Point

We have designed and evaluated a PD Workshop that describes the ICAP theory and explains how it can be applied to classroom teaching.

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